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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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Date Publication Annex
02/2022 Status report on gasification of biomass and waste - Research special

Annex 1 - CHP -  operational facilities

Annex 2 - CHP -  non-operational facilities

Annex 3 - Fuel synthesis - operational facilities

Annex 4 - Fuel synthesis - non-operational facilities

Annex 5 - Other gasification technology - operational facilities

Annex 6 - Other gasification technology - non-operational facilities


Gasification applications in existing infrastructures for production of sustainable value-added products

Case study 1 - Entrained flow biomass gasification in the pulp and paper industry

Case study 2 - Gasification for production of biomethanol by coupling with anaerobic digestion

Case study 3 - Integration of renewables into existing refineries

Case study 4 - Gasification of RDF and integration into an existing naphta cracker

Attachment - chemical analysis of different feedstock

03/2021 Emerging gasification technologies for waste and biomass  
10/2020 Case studies on high temperature heat Case study 2 - Gasification of paper reject to displace natural gas in a pulp and paper process
  Biomass gasification success stories  
10/2019 Status report on thermal gasification of biomass and waste 2019

Annex 1 - CHP operational facilites

Annex 2 - CHP non operational facilities

Annex 3- Fuel synthesis operational

Annex 4 - Fuel synthesis non operational

Annex 5 - Other gasif. technology operational

Annex 6 - Other gasif. technology non operational

08/2019 Lessons learned about thermal biomass gasification Historical documents

InterTask project
Biomass pre-treatment for bioenergy, Case study 3: Pretreatment of MSW for gasification

12/2018 Gasification of waste for energy carriers  
12/2018 Hydrogen from biomass gasification  
11/2018 Valorisation of by-products from small scale thermal gasification

Annex 1- Market for carbon and charcoal

Annex 2- Analytics

Annex 3- Charcoal

Annex 4- Dust, ash

10/2018 Thermal gasification based hybrid systems  
09/2018 Gas analysis guideline report -  part I and part II  
07/2018 Implementation of bio-CCS in biofuels production  
04/2016 Status report 2016  
11/2015 Performance test protocol + Annex I + Annex II  
03/2014 Fact sheets