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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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" Hydrogen produced from gasification and implemented in gasification "

19. April 2023
Edmonton, Canada

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G. Chen / W. Wu Gasification for hydrogen production in China
R. Post van der Burg Torrgas modular syngas platform for the production of green hydrogen, circular synthetic chemicals and biofuels
V. Gubin/ F. Thelen Decentral production of PEMFC suitable hydrogen from air gasification of wood
A. Borgogna Circular ethanol and hydrogen through waste gasification
T. Ginsberg Circular economy pilot plants and projects at the RWE Innovation Centre
R. Bock Green hydrogen from waste
J. Lundgren Synergies of green hydrogen and bio-based value chains deployment
F. Granberg Production of bio-electrofuels at LTU Green Fuels
J. Stolaroff Mote: Carbon-negative hydrogen from waste biomass
B. Jackson Carbon-negative Bright Green TM hydrogen