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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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" Gasification - a key technology in the energy transition and for the circular economy "


2. December, Trisaia, Italy and online


L. Benedetti, L. Mazzocchi: Status and perspective of bioenergy exploitation in Italy, incl. hydrogen production
F. Cotana: Italian Hydrogen Research Strategy - the role of gasification for the production of green and circular H2
L. Pelkmans: Role of sustainable biomass in global energy transition
M. Huber: Climate positive energy system via biomass gasification combined with biochar production
N. Davidsson: Meva Energy upcoming break-through projects and learnings
A. Pettinau: Power generation and hydrogen production from biomass and plastic waste gasification
B. Aydin: Highly efficient and fuel-flexible technology for combined heat and power from biomass via gasification coupled with SOFC
L. Wang: Waste-to-Energy for grid balancing services via gasification and RSOC
D. Cirillo: Lignocellulosic feedstock to green hydrogen
B. van der Drift: Short route to produce virgin plastic from plastic waste
D. Chafia: Waste gasification - A proven solution toward advanced biofuels
A.M. Rizzo: The BECOOL projects
R. Zweiler: Heat-to-fuel
H. Thunman: The role of gasification for production of polymers in a circular economy
P. Dieringer: CLARA - Chemical looping gasification for sustainable production of biofuels
M. C. Romano: The value of flexible power and biomass to X systems
A. Almena-Ruiz: Carbon balances of BECCS
E. Bocci: Gasification integrated with CO2 capture and conversion
S. Dasappa: Biomass to green hydrogen