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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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"Waste gasification"

26. November 2019, Birmingham,

pdf files
P. Thornley, Supergen Bioenergy Hub Rationale for gasification in the UK
H. Stone, REA Gasification: an industry perspective
J. Isaksson, Valmet Valmet CFB gasifier
R. Zwart, Synova Synova renewable technology: Building a pure world
P. Winstanley, ETI Delivery and establishment of the first UK commercial scale plant to deliver ultra clean syngas
M. Johnson KEW 3rd Generation gasificaiton
J. Maric, Chalmers Valorization of plastic waste via gasification - Chalmers experiences
C. Mourao Vilela, TNO Gasification of end-life plastics (confidential)
M. Materazzi, UCL Recent advances in plasma-assisted gasification for waste-to-fuel applications
C. Pfeifer, J. Hrbek, BOKU Waste gasification in Austria
Fanxing Li et al., NCS University Renewable Natual Gas from Carbonaceous Wastes via Phase Transition CO2/O2 Sorbent Enhanced Chemical Looping Gasification