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Gasification of Biomass and Waste
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"Thermal biomass gasification in small scale"


14 May 2014, Ischia, Italy

M. Fantacci, Bio&Watt Gasification S.r.l., Italy:
Energetical conversion of biomass through pyrogasification process: presentation of an industrial solution
(pdf 0,4 MB)
A. Duvia, Gammel Duvia Engineering Srl., Italy:
Biomass cogeneration: Activities and experience with plants based on biomass gasification
(pdf 6,6 MB)
M. Huber, Syncraft, Austria:
The floating-fixed-bed-gasifier -  A unique staged gaification concept on its was to commercialization
(pdf 3,1MB)
G.Ruoppolo, CNR, Italy:
Fluidized bed gasification and co-generation of biomass and wastes
(pdf 1,9 MB)

P. Ammendola, CNR, Italy:
Development of catalytic systems for tar removal in gasification processes
(pdf 0,7 MB)

P. Ammendola, F. Scala, CNR, Italy:
Relevance of biomass comminution phenomena in gasification processes
(pdf 0,9 MB)
O. Senneca, CNR, Italy:
Gasification kinetics of biogenic materials and wastes
(pdf 2,6 MB)
S. Chianese, University of Naples, Italy:
H2 4 industries
(pdf 1,6 MB)
S. Chianese, N. Cerone, ENEA:
Gasification of fermentation residues from second generation ethanol for production of hydrogen rich syngas in a pilot plant
(pdf 1,3 MB)